education authorities monitor Zhai Tianlin probeorities in B

Education authorities in Beijing have launched an investigation into actor Zhai Tianlin, who has received high-profile plagiarism allegations.

The Education Work Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Education Commission have sent an investigative team to the Beijing Film Acad

emy, where Zhai obtained a Ph.D., to look into the case, the university said in a statement on Thursday.

Zhai, 32, is also a postdoctoral candidate at Peking University. He found himself in hot water on social media after a Sina Weibo blogger accused him of plagiarism last week.

The university launched its own investigation on Monday. It has finished prelim

inary evidence collection and notified Zhai about the investigation, the statement said.

The university has zero tolerance for academic misconduct and will look into other matters uncovered by netizens.

Zhai raised a flurry of chatter online in August when he said in a live video appearance he did not know what the China National Knowledge Infrastructure w

as. CNKI is the largest and most widely used online academic library in China for university students writing theses and dissertations.

The post by the Sina Weibo blogger claimed one of Zhai’s papers published in an acade

mic journal was uploaded to CNKI and the similarity score for the 2,783-word article was 40.4 percent.

Instead of waiting for the conclusions of the investigat

ion by the Beijing Film Academy, Peking University needs to take the initiative to launch its own inqu

iry. On its official website, the university clearly states the procedures for enrolling a postdoctoral res

earcher, which include at least four review stages after an applicant submits materials.

When enrolling Zhai as a postdoctoral researcher, they should check many more materials besides his

doctor’s degree. If Zhai is found to have academic problems, Peking University is partly responsible, too.

As it is widely considered to be the top university in China, Peking University has very precious r

esearch opportunities, which makes it a focus for the public’s attention in this incident. It is time both B

FA and Peking University examined if they bear any blame, instead of just trying to pass the buck to each other.

The list ranks the country’s cities on three major indicators: economy, social advancement and environment.

Jointly launched by the National Development and Reform Commission’s development planning department and th

e Cloud River Urban Research Institute, an international think tank, the index sets “digital benchmarks and ref

erence systems” for China’s urbanization drive and urban development.

Spain’s govt loses budget vote, paving way for snap election

Spain’s parliament rejected the government’s 2019 draft budget on Wednesday, pushing the country to the brink of a national election.

Sources in the government and the Socialist party of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told Reuters on Tu

esday that he would call a snap election if the draft was rejected, with April 14 or April 28 the most likely dates.

The Socialists hold less than a quarter of the seats in parliament and needed support fr

om smaller regional parties, including the Catalans, to get the budget proposal voted through.

But the Catalan parties, unhappy with the government’s refusal to consider or dis

cuss – amongst other issues – an independence referendum for their nor

theastern region, voted against it, as did the centre-right and the conservatives.

“This shows that the right wing in this country is intent on blocking social progress,” Bu

dget Minister Maria Jesus Montero told reporters, in the government’s first reaction to the vote.

Yauatcha will also launch a limited-edition 8 course Chines

 New Year menu for the festive season. The menu features a number of authentic Chinese celebratory dishes using auspicious ingredie

nts, highlight dishes including Crispy monkfish cheek with enoki mushroom and salsify, Homemade prawn tofu with seaweed and water c

estnut, Peking style pulled pork with golden mantou, and finishing off with a Mandarin matcha choux. The eight-c

ourse menu is £60 per person for a minimum of two people, and all dishes are available to order a la carte.

An exclusive Chinese New Year cocktail will be offered for the celebrations called Nagami Fortune featuri

ng Beefeater 24 gin, Kumquat marmalade, Raspberry cordinal and lime juice. In addition, Yauatcha’s pastry team have created a li

mited-edition macaron with a pig stenciled in gold and flavored with Mandarin.

During the talks, the French side reiterated its position in opposing unilat

eralism and upholding multilateral trading system. Wang Yi said China considers France’s position of great importance.

China is willing to strengthen communications and cooperation with France and the European Union to jointly pr

omote the multilateral trade system and push forward the WTO to play a bigger role in global governance.

Peking Opera ‘Turandot’ makes its Rome debutn of Turando

The Peking opera version of Turandot, jointly launched by the China National Peking Oper

a Company and the Italian Emilia-Romagna Theater Foundation, made its Rome debut Tuesday night.

The 2019 “Happy Chinese Spring Festival” and China Tourism Exhibition were also held in the same venue. Chinese am

bassador to Italy Li Ruiyu watched the performance and exhibition. Former Italian Deputy Prime Minister and the It

alian Coordinator of China-Italy Cultural Cooperation Mechanism Francesco Rutelli attended the event.

This new “Turandot” is presented in the form of an experimental Peking opera, incorpor

ating modern dance designs and many Italian elements, according to the China National Peking Opera Company.

The show was accompanied not only with Chinese traditional instruments like Jinghu a

nd Yueqin, but also some Western instruments such as double bass and electric guitar by Italian players, giving the audi

ence a unique listening experience. Many audiences were amazed at the music in the

play and deeply impressed by the exquisite traditional costumes of Peking opera.

They are ordinary, hardworking Chinese people, who hav

  g far away from their hometowns and chasing their dreams in big cities such as Beijing and Shang

mbitions and diligence also shaped China’s economic miracle today.

  Those who stick to their posts also help ease the shortage of labor during the holiday.

  Some online service provider platforms have already adjusted their services and info

rmed consumers about the shortage of workers, according to industry news site

  During Spring Festival, the prices of the top 10 services,

such as house cleaning services, have been raised by an average of 3 to 23 percent, the report said.

  Authorities have also vowed to stabilize prices, which might be volatile due to changes in supply and demand.

  ”Relevant departments and enterprises have been fully prepared to ensure abundant

supply during the festival and to stabilize prices,” Wang Bin, deputy director of the Department of

Market Operations under the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, told a press briefing on Tuesday.

suggestion for the US which has been building military bases

  so many years. It should try not to interfere in the Middle East for 10 years. Let’s see if the region’s security returns to its original state.

  GT: The US and Poland are jointly organizing a global conference on the Middle East in Warsaw next month which is described by some as an “anti-Iranian summit.” What’s your comment?

 In our knowledge, the Warsaw conference has not been welcomed by the international community. If this meeting is finally held, it will have an adverse impact on West

ern Europe and our region. The conference is an act of interference in the affairs of other countries. I think Poland will someday regret holding such a conference.

  GT: You have just taken office, what are your priorities for China-Iran relations?

  Kesriority is to deepen the relationship between Iran and China, not only in the economic sphere, but also in cultural and political fields. Iran and China complement each other in many ways. As for economic cooperation, there is still a lot of potential to explore.

  However, there is a shortcoming in our relations. Compared with the stage of development of our relations, the understanding between our two peoples is not enough. I will focus on promoting mutual understanding between them.

  I am thinking about taking steps to attract Chinese tourists, such as providing tour guides who speak Chinese, and tailoring services according to Chinese people’s habits.

  The Belt and Road Initiative has provided a channel to achieve these goals.

fter a calm debut where peaceful atmosphere reigned, tension

Paris after riot police used tear gas and water cannon in response to some protesters who set bins and a scooter ablaze.

More standoffs were reported as officers moved to disperse protesters in the Republic s

quare where they had planned an evening gathering, dubbed “Yellow Night”.

Similar scuffles clouded demonstrations in Tours, Valence, Toulouse and Bordeaux.

The “Yellow Vest” movement, a nationwide protest against weak economic

performance and stagnant income increase, started as a campaign against surge in fuel prices in November 2018.

Since then, thousands of drivers wearing highly visible yellow vests had blocked roads across the country and staged street pr

otests that had been transformed into social rebellion demanding Macron to step down.

Despite capitulating over plans for fuel taxes, France’s youngest president in its modern history has struggled to ease the anger t

hat cast doubt on his political credentials to reform one of Europe’s major powers and lead the country, according to the country’s pollsters.

China’s first PPP-funded high-speed railway under

BEIJING, Feb.2 (Xinhua) — Construction of China’s first public-private partnershi


p (PPP) funded high-speed railway has kicked off, China Railway Construction Corporation said Saturday.

The 266.9-km railway will start from the city of Hangzhou, crossi

ng Shaoxing and ending in Taizhou, all cities in east China’s Zhejiang Province.

The rail line is designed to run at a top speed of 350 km per hour, according to the company.

A total of 44.9 billion yuan (about 6.69 billion U.S. dollars) will be invested in the

construction of the project, with private firms accounting for a 51-percent share.

Connecting the cities boasting the most remarkable growth of private economy n

ationwide, the rail line is expected to be a significant part of China’s railway network.

China is redoubling its efforts to build the world’s most extensive and sophisticated railway network. By 2020, China will ha

ve 150,000 km railway including 30,000 km high-speed railway, according to the government’s plan.

Xiong Dailin was almost counted by Filipino commission? He

China entertainment network news recently, has been the mother of Xiong Dai

lin’s personal accounts Tucao self Filipino maid, frankly dangerous. After giving birth to tw

ins last year, Xiong Dailin hired a Filipino servant to help with the housework and take care of her two childr

en. She said that the Filipino servant was always diligent and careful, but recently became careless and prov

ocative. She resigned more than a month ago and returned home. Unexpectedly, a month later, Xiong Dailin’s family suddenly received a tele

phone and letter from the financial company to collect debts from Filipino commissioners, which seemed to owe oth

ers a lot of money. I have to say how long it takes to invite people to do things at home. Don’t lead wolves into the room. But there are still many stars in the ent

ertainment circle who are quite friendly and get along well with their nanny and aunt as if they were a family.

To say that Filipino servant nanny, A Sa also made news recently. It was A Sa who found his “sister” who

had lost contact for many years. This “Eden sister” had been taking care of her when she was young

. 25 years ago, because of the lack of popular electronic devices such as mobile phones, after the return of Filipino servant, A Sa lost contact with her f

or 25 years. Recently, I found my sister, A Sa, and said with emotion, “It feels like meeting a loved one I haven’t seen f

or a long time. Thank God for letting me see her again so that I can repay her for her youth and love in the days to come.

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